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作者: 刘浪好帅啊    時間: 2018-10-6 17:20     標題: Discount NFL Jerseys

"No such thing as coming out flat,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys," defensive end Michael Bennett said. "They played better than us. I know you guys are looking for a reason why we lost the game. We just lost the game.
A second-half comeback made it closer,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, but the Seahawks never made up that margin and fell 31-24 to the Panthers. And there were no easy answers afterward about how it all went wrong so quickly.
"They played better than us in the first half,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, we played better than them in the second half. You play against great teams like that,Adidas NHL Jerseys China, you can't afford to have mental mistakes. You can't not score. You cannot give up touchdowns when you play against teams like that."

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